Funding Campaign

Funding Campaign for a New Home

The Overbrook String Band, which has been a part of the great string band tradition in Philadelphia for decades, needs a home, a permament clubhouse and rehearsal space. We found an incredible opportuniy in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania. But we need your help.

Tony Blanche, owner of longtime neighborhood anchor The Clam Tavern and its sister restaurant Broadway Bar & Grille across the street, has generously offered the Overbrook String Band a ten-year, $1-per-month lease for the second floor of the Broadway Bar building at 329 East Broadway Avenue, which is a prime location for our permanent Overbrook clubhouse.

We’re asking our loyal supporters and lovers of string bands and live music everywhere to help us fund the work that needs to be done. There’s currently no way to get to the second floor, so a staircase must be constructed, and the second floor is totally gutted and needs a complete buildout. And that’s just for starters.

We have some incredible rewards available to donors, and we will be so grateful for whatever you can give. We will work to make sure that your contribution is used effectively to make this dream a reality and to make the Overbrook String Band a part of this wonderful community in Clifton Heights.