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1974 A Musical Jewelry Box Jim Driadon 16th 3rd
1970 A Salute to Jimmy Durante Harry Straub 5th 9th
1989 A Serenade in Blues Chris Caniglia 19th 13th
1957 A Show Boat Revue Harry Straub 4th 14th (Tie)
1978 A Tribute to the King of Rock ‘n Roll Luke McDermott 6th 10th
1956 American Indians Harry Straub 12th 13th
1959 American Jubilee Harry Straub 15th 8th
1983 An Old Fashion Sing-a-Long Jim Driadon 7th 20th
1973 Ballroom Reflections Jim Driadon 4th 2nd
1966 Birds of a Feather Harry Straub 2nd 13th
2015 Brazilliant Bill Razzano 2nd 15th 16th
1992 Car-Tunes Harry Hill 4th 15th
1969 Caribbean Holiday Harry Straub 10th 9th
1964 Cinderella Harry Straub 5th 13th
1996 Civil-Un-Rest Harry Hill 6th 17th
2001 Clowning Around City Hall Harry Hill 1st 15th
1990 Dial 9-1-1 Jim Driadon 1st 16th
2012 Fire Fightin’ Follies John Hicks 12th 15th 17th
1998 Friday Night at the Frat Frank Voight Jr. 2nd 8th (Tie)
1955 From the Vine came the Grapes Harry Straub 16th 13th
2013 Greater O’s Headin’ For The Hills Bill Razzano 1st 16th 14th
1997 Greater O’s on the go to Mexico Frank Voight Jr. 2nd 18th
2006 Greater O’s Stirrin’ the Pot Perry DiMatteo 6th 15th 15th
2000 Greater Overbrook’s Still Makin Music Jim Driadon 14th 16th
1972 Hadfields and McCoys Jim Driadon 2nd 15th
2016 Havin’ a Hula-Va Mum Time Bill Razzano 2nd 14th 12th
2008 Haymazing Adventure Perry DiMatteo 3rd 13th 13th
1960 Holiday in Paris Harry Straub 15th 5th
1991 Hooked on the High C’s Harry Hill 11th 14th (Tie)
2005 Jest-A-Nother Knight Joe Anderson 1st 16th 15th
1965 Jimmy “Schnozzle” Durante Harry Straub 13th 16th
1981 Jungle Fantasy Jim Driadon 12th 17th
1967 Mardi Gras Harry Straub N/A 8th
2010 Memories of the Way We Were Jim Driadon 1st 15th 17th
2017 Mum Potion #9 Bill Razzano 15th 15th 10th
2018 Mum-In Spoonful Bill Razzano 1st 15th 11th
1977 New York, New York Luke McDermott 9th 20th
1994 On the Road Again Harry Hill 4th 14th
1999 On the Town in Madhattan Tom Piccone Jr. 14th 16th
1980 Oscar’s Best Songs Jim Driadon 22nd 13th
2003 Overbrook’s a Wiz at Oz Harry Hill 3rd 17th 14th
1993 Pajammin’ Harry Hill 1st 16th
2009 Polar-ized Perry DiMatteo 4th 13th 17th
1984 Puttin’ on the Ritz Jim Driadon 24th 14th
1986 Rag Time Revelry Jim Driadon 8th 11th
2002 Red Hot, Red Garter Revue Carmen Vitanza Sr. 17th 14th 14th
1975 Rhapsody in Blue Jim Driadon 20th 15th
2004 Rock, Pop, and Patriotic Harry Hill 2nd 18th 17th
1962 Roman Holiday Harry Straub 6th 12th
1985 Royal Masquerade Jim Driadon N/A 8th 4th
1971 Satan Takes a Holiday Jim Driadon 12th 12th
1979 Season’s Greetings Luke McDermott 10th 13th
2014 Show Boatin on Broad Street Bill Razzano 9th 15th (Tie) 12th
1976 Showtime ’76 Jim Driadon 3rd 12th
2019 Spirits of the Canyon Bill Razzano 5th 15th 15th
1963 Square Dance Jamboree Harry Straub 17th 11th
1987 Street Scenes Jim Driadon 20th 12th
1995 Struttin’ with Billy Harry Hill 21st 17th
1961 Swamp Fire Harry Straub 8th 4th
1954 The Knights of the Rose Harry Straub 11th 19th (Tie)
1982 The Music Man Jim Driadon 17th 13th (Tie)
2011 The Sidewalks of New York Carmen Vitanza Sr. 16th 14th 17th
1958 The Tango Harry Straub 17th 10th
1953 The Top Hatters Harry Straub 12th 16th
2020 Under The Lovely London Sky, A Practically Perfect Poppins Tale Jim Driadon 13th 14th 15th
2007 Welcome to the Jungle Perry DiMatteo 5th 13th 13th
1968 Winter Wonderland Harry Straub 7th 4th
1988 Woodchoppers Ball Chris Caniglia 8th 16th